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The Daleks and the Cybermen

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Summer-Rain.  She went to the woods and then when she went on her own (when Mum said she could), she bumped into some Cybermen!  Her friends were with her and then all the Cybermen grabbed them all and brought them to their base.  And then they said "you are our Queen!"  Taya was a Princess.  And then the Daleks came to steal them and all the Cybermen fought back but the Daleks won!  So then the Daleks took them to THEIR base!  Instead they put them in their jail.  The Dalek's jail. 

And then the Doctor came to save everyone and he said "hello!" 

And then Summer-Rain said "I thought you weren't real Doctor." 

And then the Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to break the things and then he opened the doors for Taya and Summer-Rain.  And then he said "really your Mum's calling for you - her head's about to fall off you know!"  And then he took them in his TARDIS. 

And then they got back home and her Mum said "thank you, Doctor." And "where have you been?" said her Mum. 

"The Cybermen took us and the Daleks put us in their jail!  Haha!  The Dalek's jail!" 

Her Mum said "it's marshmallow time.  Hallooooo!  Are you awake?"  And then they had so many marshmallows that Summer-Rain was stuffed and her Mum said "it's time to go" so Summer-Rain said "Bye-bye Taya, I hope I see you soon" and Taya said bye back.  And then Summer-Rain went back home and she lived happily ever after. 

Second Look

Once upon a time there was a girl named Lily.  In the living room of her house there were lots of pictures.  When she first looked at one of them, it was a happy ghost picture.  And then when she looked back at it, it looked scarily back at her, so she screamed and ran back up to her room and threw all the pictures out of her room.  And then she said to Mum "can we please sell all of those pictures?  They're scaring me!"

All of those pictures were everywhere in the house.  And then Mum said "OK, we'll make a sale" and she put a sign that said "loads of pictures on sale over here."  And then loads of people came and then they got loads of money. 

And then Lily said "there's only one picture no one likes" and it was the ghost picture, the picture she was always scared of, because every time she looks back at it again, first it looks happy and then it looks scary and so she screams. 

And then Mum said "how about we put it in the bin?"  And Lily said "yeah, good idea."

And then they lived happily, happily ever after.

The end.

High Wire Act

I went on the tight wire.  I was a bit scared!  It looked quite high.  My teacher said to look straight forward.  Put your hands up.  My teacher held on to one of my hands.  I walked.  It was a bit scary.  I didn't fall off!  I was happy.

I like the trapeze more.  I did some tricks.  I could do a bird's nest.  You have to hang upside down and then bend. 

I enjoyed circus classes.

Summer balances on a ball

I was balancing on a ball.

What's Missing?

Lovie was missing. 

And then, this morning, I saw some footprints in the snow.  Lovie's footprints!  And then I followed them.  They led to the forest.  And then I went even further and then it was the night.  And then I saw loads of owls.  I was so worried that Lovie could be dead by now!  I thought.  I went even further in and then I saw Lovie in a nice cave with another guinea pig.  And then I brought those two guinea pigs home.  And then I thought "what shall I call this guinea pig?"  I thought "let's name this guinea pig Sarah." 

And then I showed Mum the two guinea pigs and my mum said "where did you find that other guinea pig?"

"In the forest," I said.  And then I said "can we keep them?  Please?"

And then Mum said yes.  And then I put them in the same cage and we lived happily ever after.

The end.

Second Chance Idol

I've really missed the competition!  Please let me back in.  You do know I'm just a kid, right?

What Does Narcissism Have To Do With Me?

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Sarah.  Everybody LOVED her.  She was a star.  There were so many fans, so many boys that liked her, she had to decide who to marry.  And then she saw a boy, just a perfect, perfect boy.  "I'm going to marry THAT one" she said.  And then the boy noticed and said "I want to marry you too" so they did get married.  They both were stars and they both sang together.  Most people gave them so much money that they were very, very rich.  And then they made babies! 

But then they argued over who to have the money.  They argued and argued and argued, saying "I'm beautiful!" "No I'M beautiful!"  And then Sarah said "what about if we make it into half and share it?"  And the boy, Connor, said "good idea!"  And then they loved everybody more and lived happily ever after.


Once upon a time there was a cow called Miss Greedy.  She pooed a lot.  She went up the hill and pooed every where there until it was full of poo!  And then she went to the cafe to have some food.  And after she ate all her food, she pooed everywhere in the cafe until everyone said "eeeeww!  Get that cow out of there!"  And then everybody was fed up with that cow.  They said "what are we going to do with all that poo and how are we going to make them stop eating?"

First they made her stop eating by feeding her some medicine so that she would still eat but not too much.  She would only eat a little bit for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And then they got rid of all the poo and made her change her name into Jessica.  And they said "stop being greedy!"

The cow said "I promise.  Kill me if I ever do that again."

Now how they got rid of the poo, they got the poo onto a plane and all of them had helmets, like space whatever, and then they put all the poo on the top of the plane.  They threw it up to the air!  And then it went out into space and went onto the moon and all the other types of planets.  And then some space people went in and said "What's that?!"  It was hard rock, the poo was.

The end.


Three Little Words

Three little words are too little tricky.
How do I know which three to pick-y?
They are all small
But I can't think of them all.
Yeah that rhymes!
These are all rhymes
I hope you enjoy them.
is here.  I must go play.

Bye bye!

When You Pray, Move Your Feet

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Summer Rain.  She said "I want to go to Paris, Mummy" and Mum said "only if you do chores and don't suck your thumb every day."  Summer Rain was not impressed that she couldn't suck her thumb AND she had to do chores.  "For ten days!" said Mum.

Mum said "do the washing, clean the bathroom,"  so Summer started washing up.  She finished and Mum said "oh brilliant!  There's no grease, they're all clean and they're really tidy.  Good job!"  And then she started cleaning the bathroom.  She started cleaning the bath and then she started cleaning the shower and then she started cleaning the toilet.  They were really clean.  And then Mum said "I need the bathroom!" and then Summer said "they're all tidy.  You can come in now."  FLUSH!  "Thank you.  They're really clean." 

And then in the next morning, Mum said "tidy the rooms, make lunch and then wash the dishes again."  So then she started cleaning the rooms.  They were really spotless.  She even hoovered up when Mum didn't tell her to.  It was really clean.  Mum said "brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!"  And then she started making the lunch.  And then the lunch was really good, Mum said.  There was mashed potatoes, onions, sausages and kiwi fruit and apples with it and sauce.  And then she started washing the dishes.  They were absolutely spotless!  Mum said "oh I love the dishes - they're so tidy!" 

Summer kept up the good work.  Mum asked Dad "do you think she should go to Paris tomorrow?"  And then Dad said "yes, she should go tomorrow because she did a lot of clean chores and they're spotless.  I love the whole house.  It's really clean!"  And then in the morning, they did, just Mummy and Summer. 

First they went to a hotel to sleep and after they slept, they went up the Eiffel Tower and then they went to somewhere to look at all the paintings.  They saw the Mona Lisa!  And then they went shopping for toys and stuff for the rest of the family and Mummy and Daddy and they also got food and a few toys but not too many toys.  And then they explored a bit and then they went back home.  They stayed for two days.  Summer said "that was wonderful!  I hope I can go back next time." 

"Maybe" said Mum.

LJ Idol

Yes please yes please yes please!  I'm soooo excited!  Do I have to write a story NOW?